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We’re inviting merchants around the world to upload their logos and provide consent for them to be used in the digital banking applications of a growing number of the world’s leading card issuers (banks, credit unions, etc.).

These logos will be linked with corresponding transactions, adding clear visual cues to help cardholders quickly identify legitimate purchases and avoid unnecessary disputes.

  1. Complete the online form and provide us with your logo in the requested format.
  2. Your logo will be made available in a growing number of digital banking applications.
  3. Customer recognition when your logo is displayed alongside corresponding transactions.
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  • No logos
  • Unclear merchant descriptors
  • Cardholder confusion that can lead to disputes and chargebacks
  • Poor customer experiences that can lead to damaged brand loyalty
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  • Clear logos
  • Clean merchant names
  • Instant recognition by cardholder – and fewer disputes and chargebacks
  • Improved experience – deeper engagement with merchant brand

Frequently asked questions

We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about this initiative and compiled them here for you. Still have questions? Email us at

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